Started to dream again

I see black suits Green ties Leather saddles Boston bags Lights above me People dancing around Celebrating me and my achievements Styling my friends and family Smokes and drinks around Not a single soul with a sad Started to dream again I see swans and lakes Bridges and gateways The green lush gardens And mountain […]

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Dejecting feeling

Don’t know what’s the truth Or what’s a lie Don’t anymore How to feel Feel alive Inside my core I feel my heart Racing and pounding The fears and anxiety Don’t let me sleep At night Dejecting feelings Hollows me A little background To another sad story A year ago I was burning With fire […]

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Let it be

Well I am sitting here Looking through my phone Into a world which looks Amazing,vibrant,colourful Everyone is super rich And all the pictures are Filled with love and passion Smiles and stories Well I don’t feel envious Nor I do feel jealous But I do feel sad And brings me down Every time I look […]

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Grateful you are alive

I don’t know How to define the feeling I want to be there And I want to make you feel alive But I have been brutal In the past There were only fights Something opened My eyes And tears brought me back to life I was relived you are alive There is pain A lot […]

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The orange light

Sitting alone at a corner of a cafe A new city but a familiar old place I look down upon the menu Missing the home my birthplace Staring at the orange light Slowly embracing the change Of this extreme place The corridors I walk are mostly Vacant and no light on the other side But […]

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Look around

And i am tired to look around Everyone is so happy it seems I don’t know how they make it look so easy And here i am sitting on my bed uneasy Scrolling through the pictures and stories Wondering how can i turn the tide To fill in the hope which is defeated I guess […]

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