Stop or act 

Pendulum swings to and fro I think and think and think My time would come,my brain It dances on the beats Of the thinking notes I stop and think of thunder Where i have not been evaporated As a heavy cloud still i think I would thunder, Stop or Act This cloud needs to make […]

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Fable Love

Who said my heart’s numb it’s just cold Cold without your arms your warm intoxicating Captivating arms where my salvation lies In this monstrous world,i fight alone Our fable love strengthens which powers Our Zeus wheel,ignited by the fire In those green eyes,my virgin heart lies. The temperature rises,my fever fall This fable tale comes,to […]

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You And I

You and i Whisper through your eyes Flowers bloom in holy grail You were buried In The immortal sky You and I Are made in heaven!

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Fear, soft guilty pain Comes to me,an empty face Covers and blankets me Chokes me in my own bed Fear you are a good friend You make me want to think Think harder, think stronger But , i collapse and cry Give up and repent , can’t And won’t , fear makes me think Only […]

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trapped inside the hourglass hourglass of my pain it crushes me between it’s walls shatters me inside out, try to walk inside the endless loop which never ends broken inside this hourglass i count my days and pennies. the hourglass is silent and brutal the sand is burying me slowly waiting for me to collapse […]

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Black hole

Standing on different side of road Arrows pointing , you need to go Iris filled with fire burn and tear With every step , it rages and rages Time takes me back to memory lane Hope is dying slowly with every breath For your name Consumed in darkness I pray for my darkest part Walking […]

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I Am Find

Breeze is flowing in through the tunnel The tunnel of psychedelic emotions These emotions drive me crazy And I got to find the answer Answer to my shallow being If I ever I will , If I can ever find Find myself in this winter And tell I am find God gave me all , […]

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