The Tide Of Your Eyes

The tide of your eyes

I see you, every time I close my eyes. I see the tide of your eyes on the banks of my aisle. Your past is a history then why are you making your present a mystery and your future lives in the golden ray of the stars which is beneath the seas of golden arms. I never turned away from you, I was nervous to look at you. Its an illusion that you don’t see me, I am right by your side you just have to believe me. There are no boundaries or barriers which can stop me to come to you I am crescent, a warrior and a woman. I know the answers I just have to have to find the questions in the shadow of our times

I see the quest is dangerous, but don’t be scared trust me as I trust myself. There Is a chamber of hollow you only showed me which path to follow. It doesn’t matter, you are cursed. I am ready to give anything for you my heart and my soul is all for you. Without you I will truly die. The only reason for our existence is being together as you and I. Our love is pure its beyond any ashes or graves, its immortal and forever. You live in an illusion that your life is dark, I’ve seen your life, your warmth is enough to melt a child’s heart, your voice is magical that tunes in the mind for countless hours so why do you question your glorious flight? Come out as I have reached the chambers of hollow, you just need to follow, your destination is not these hollows!? You are much more than this, come and aboard the golden fleet and then you will see the meaning of “You and Me”.


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