One day at a time One task at the strike One leap towards the edge One dream i made for myself Time is going by I pace to catch it all One slip i will loose it all Strong, i need to be Strong that’s all i have to be! Advertisements

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Burn a Fire

This life is such a beautiful Crazy gift to me Living in past does not help Anyone , especially me Burn a fire, change your heart Love yourself become who you are Once or twice i have been broken But you have to be broken You pick your pieces make some New one , your […]

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Can’t Just Forget You

All my feelings are true Most of the nights, i fall for you I don’t know why, i miss the Whole of you, and i can’t Just forget you I don’t how to write now Seems, like i can’t write Can’t think, about anything I only see, the powerful you The golden spirit Of your […]

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I dream I dream of small things, I dream,of catching the life, Where i grounded it, Life is not a fairy tale, And i am no prince charming, But i dream and dreams, Do come true, I dream of small things, I dream

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