Numbers Game

​Everyone want numbers, It’s a race, I with my numbers, I walk, Walk towards to make more, World consist of so many people, In my world there are too, But then you came, Showed me the importance of numbers, I played your numbers game, Got played , got played! Advertisements

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Sunny Night

When I sleep thousand memories awaken in this head of endless gleam, greed and hunger are mere demons, my dreams awaken the hidden death eaters, sunny night I dream, puzzled i go back to sleep!

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My Generation

We are the new one, The crazy ones , the reckless ones We are the unusual one We are a generation of the future Given names when we fail Given mercy we bend to your stiff “Rules” , made by the old ones The wise ones I listen to music in isolation I listen to […]

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​No let the words be choked tonight my thoughts are too strong for my fingers,fatal for readers health Let this night bury the dark past Caused me a lot of pain But even in this pain And in this agony, i found myself Found a stronger me Some sleepless nights Some heartbreak aches Some lonely […]

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Let the heat take away your breath Let the kites by your side fly Let the clouds drench you Let your feet dance to tunes Let your eyes see the colors Colors of rainbow in skies We have come so far This journey of ours Make a way let the water flow Let not those […]

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A lie

Stones stacked,walls raised Rain pours down , black clouds All around me A lie was told in the usher A lie was whispered through the Windows you closed upon yourself A lie was roared in the empty halls I don’t love you No more , no more A lie was spoken in dark night.

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