A boy’s journey!

It takes sweat to create something It takes blood to make something It takes courage to be something When i look back at this year I look back at a boy Who started fresh , took the first Baby step Intial months were easy , Rainbow and cream all were tasty, Then came trouble , […]

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No one to speak to

​No one to speak to all alone i am, Want to be alone in my own company, Having a cup or two of caffeine, To calm my brain No one to speak to Alone i am , I feel strangled , roped on Christmas Life is a gift , but i am a little far […]

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Discover myself

For a long time i have been wondering What was is the purpose of life ? And for a long time i have been thinking Where could i go ? Discover myself seems the only goal  To me , people don’t understand me  Few do but are far away It’s been a long time thinking  […]

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Starry eyes

Oh i see stars in your eyes  Summer rays falling after  A rainy night  Drenched in love i believe  Can’t figure what  Coz with you , everything is new I shared secrets , i got lost  In your starry eyes  Found love to be vulnerable  Felt nervous but beauty of your eyes I just let […]

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Go, i sold something beautiful He was just talking to himself Some months ago he got something For someone , which meant world  Like rain to the soil , heaven she was Yes was, now she became a moon  No life in her for him  She was someone else’s light  He sold the dress back […]

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If ever in time i die  And on my death bed when I look and gaze towards my playlist It’s only the heavenly music and  Wrenching words that will make me Feel alive  When the needles fail  The oxygen suffocates  Music brings me back to life  Music is everything to me!

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Depths of me

And in the depth of silence I discovered my worries and aches I ran away i ran and ran and ran But that didn’t help  In depth of these countless pure  Feelings of love and care I gave power to someone else  I gave my home my soul to them  I forgot what can be […]

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