Down it went like that

I see a husband , I see a wife 24 years of marriage​ life Long time ago They weren’t ready Yet they had a baby The marriage slowly went down Down to the ground Years passed , the kid grew up The kid had a proud father But all he could see Was a selfish […]

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Have you ever wondered Are you the only one  Who feels stuck all the time When you were moving , sailing Iceberg after iceberg  Now you are surrounded frozen lake Wherever you see , no escape seems You give up , yet you spark again You get sad , you get angry  You regret , […]

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New piece

So I hide stream of rivers Flowing on my cheek My heart bleeds  Not for the longing But to mend a new piece Which got shattered While living a dream!

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The glazed tender oak The soft shimmering candy cotton Burst of colors  Melting drops of the honey golden leaves Rain you came soon  The fog has dampened the glass window I have to wipe it  See the shimmering gold The glazed tender oak

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