Wings , I saw wings ,

An eagle flew by,

I always wondered ,

What would flight would feel,

Prayed and prayed , give me wings,

Make me Superman,without kryptonite,

I could feel the flight,for once

See the Earth from sky,

End the debate of round and flat,

But no matter how much,

I begged , prayed or plead,

I knew it won’t be true,

Flight I wanted to fly,

Like my story , many years ago,

There were two boys,

They had a similar dream,

They couldn’t fly too,

But they flew , they flew high,

Wright brothers created wings,

Of thier own,

Flash forward , I see an airline,

I see an eagle , I knew it was my turn,

I knew I would fly,

My flight was waiting,

The thrill was beautiful,

I felt like an eagle,

Defying gravity, jumping forward,

Accelerating, towards the stars,

I felt powerful and invicible,

I felt a Superman within me,

Fortunately there was no kryptonite,


I had no wings ,no super power,

But it felt all real,

Between the clouds,over the seas,

Heading towards unkown,

My dream became reality,

My flight became true,

Flight it was my flight!


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