Down it went like that

I see a husband , I see a wife 24 years of marriage​ life Long time ago They weren’t ready Yet they had a baby The marriage slowly went down Down to the ground Years passed , the kid grew up The kid had a proud father But all he could see Was a selfish […]

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trapped inside the hourglass hourglass of my pain it crushes me between it’s walls shatters me inside out, try to walk inside the endless loop which never ends broken inside this hourglass i count my days and pennies. the hourglass is silent and brutal the sand is burying me slowly waiting for me to collapse […]

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Black hole

Standing on different side of road Arrows pointing , you need to go Iris filled with fire burn and tear With every step , it rages and rages Time takes me back to memory lane Hope is dying slowly with every breath For your name Consumed in darkness I pray for my darkest part Walking […]

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I Am Find

Breeze is flowing in through the tunnel The tunnel of psychedelic emotions These emotions drive me crazy And I got to find the answer Answer to my shallow being If I ever I will , If I can ever find Find myself in this winter And tell I am find God gave me all , […]

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The Tide Of My Eyes

The tide of my eyes look past through the banks of an aisle, drifting away from you to the open sky. My past is searching my present and I am kissing my future away. Don’t turn away! My eyes have become tide the image is blur, I see nothing I am blinded by your sight, […]

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