I have to be honest I am scared I am scared of changes What do I do ? I am just a mere mortal Who finds comfort in the constant Afraid of changing feelings From love to hate and kisses to spaces But somehow I embrace it Falling isn’t easy And in love you can’t […]

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Win and loose

And some times you win she said And some times you loose he felt Fire burning slowly A distant smoke rising Pale moon tainted the hearts Bodies scattered defeated tired Pale bodies in the soothing moon light And some times you win And sometimes just sometimes defeated Some bodies fell in my head too Burdening […]

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My light

I am in shadows My brain thinks too much It creates a world Filled with worst possible outcomes Chaos it brings Destroys my soul You are my light A friend like you Shows me the way I was in shadows You showed me the way Let me walk ahead Let me continue where I stopped […]

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Finding the love

I am normally sad it’s just usual These days Something changed today it doesn’t Hurt as much It doesn’t pain Finding love Finding love again Finding love in myself Sad are my poems Honest they are A part of me, a part of them Tears of mine , tears of somebody else But this story […]

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Who am I?

Over thinking never helps When someone is low Very low , badly hurt badly low Who am I? To trouble more They say be a healer share the pain They say be a believer pave their way They say do the right thing give them Their space Who am I? To take it away Overthinking […]

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A friend like you

10 months maybe more A lost soul trying to know Trying to find something He asked and asked no one cared One day everything changed A friend like you came Guardian angel she is Cares and cares for each thing Gives her all when she had none Life has been rough Spirals coils in my […]

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Writing an adventure 

I am sitting in the dark Yet the lights are above me Up in the sky illuminating the whole Universe Fragments and lights Comets and galaxies Stars shooting and bursting So much goes on While I sit in the dark I imagine a little light Might shed upon me Illuminating my dimed life Hoping for […]

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