These days

These days are hard to get by, I wake up , blank as a whiteboard, Complexed as crumbled bunch of cords, Morning dew falls like a tear on the Window, These days are hard to get by, A cup of coffee makes a little easy, These days I have been walking, Walking a lot, Staying […]

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Even though you are far away, Never saw your refection, On a Beautiful sunny day, I still pray everyday, No matter how grey the clouds are, How fierce the thunders are, You embrace every pain, You make every storm a rainy day, You a rainbow , darkness is fading away!

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She a beautiful dream

One night I went in a sleep, She came and didn’t leave, Though my mind was wide awake, My eyes asleep, I saw her naked soul, She was mysterious, Yet her heart was like a fire, Burning deep within me, I was captured by her spell, I didn’t wanted to leave, She a beautiful dream […]

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Wings , I saw wings , An eagle flew by, I always wondered , What would flight would feel, Prayed and prayed , give me wings, Make me Superman,without kryptonite, I could feel the flight,for once See the Earth from sky, End the debate of round and flat, But no matter how much, I begged […]

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Small things

Where are you going , What would you do, In this big world , I have big things​ to prove, I ain’t got time for the, Small things , It makes me feel tiny, When I can become a king, In the pursuit of bigger life , I stumbled upon , some small smiles, The […]

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Sometimes you get hurt,  Sometimes it pentrates deep, But don’t worry that’s why it’s , Called sometimes, We all talk about courage ,  Act of kindness , being humble, Doing the right thing , the good thing, It’s like fairytales , sounds so good , Well I can say, i witnessed one, Sometimes you can […]

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