Party misery

Well on the dancefloor Everyone dancing Everyone having fun Everything seems perfect  The battle keeps on going  Like the bee sting  It pinches and aches  Grooovy palce but my heart is gloomy  Aches and pain Party misery  Advertisements

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It’s been quite a while It has been such a long time The paper hasn’t absorbed the ink The pages are old Older than the ink could ever be The first drop of the ink On this already written page Troubles to find a place Drop fights and fights To be absorbed On this old […]

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Honest to you

Whatever may people tell you Whatever may they think Of certain place , certain people Listen to it but be honest to you It’s said quite a lot A good thing for them might not be A good one for you But a good thing for you They may not agree of it. So be […]

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Here I am sitting in the train , This Sunday morning was quite an unusual one, The previous day violent things happened, In the part of the town, The curfew alerted and the city suddenly slowed down, The internet was shut down, Here I sit and wonder when the train was stopped, Just like my […]

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Set me on fire

My heart a golden gleaming ache Hunts for a spark to set ablaze The dry wasteland should burn and heat Devour me into your soul Ashes on the bed , and you over me Set me on fire Burn me inside out Let the night feel the rage Temptation is killing me now I erupted […]

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No queue

There are times , bad bad times, And in these times we think, You know the dream I was born to do, It’s not going to happen, I give up , I quit, My bargain with god is over, And I am quitting, And maybe in next life I will catch it, Maybe in after […]

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These days

These days are hard to get by, I wake up , blank as a whiteboard, Complexed as crumbled bunch of cords, Morning dew falls like a tear on the Window, These days are hard to get by, A cup of coffee makes a little easy, These days I have been walking, Walking a lot, Staying […]

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