I slept as broken hearted Woke up with a bleeded heart But it doesn’t hurt Let the heart bleed , she is not coming I got me , let the sun heal my bruises Let rain wash away my stains Let the night wrap me let me sleep But heaven please keep her safe and […]

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I am not a writer Nor a novelist But i want to travel To discover the poet in me Life is slipping like sand I see my fingers typing destinations which i see, On the feeds of instagram, i imagine myself being there Where they are , to do what they do There is a […]

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Broken, again

When someome can touch your Heart through a telephone line When someone can captivate your Soul staring in your eyes When she can leave you speechless With her beautiful voice She has the power to melt your Will,she is like a moon Creating waves in this calm Ocean which has been still I saw my […]

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You think I am only weak There is no chance for My impossible dreams But your talk is cheap You judge,you try your best To bring me down, I was innocent i trusted easily Showed you my weakness and flaws And all you did , all you could Was judge me ,to destroy me Now […]

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​Wind is blowing gently My curly hair sways The wind is gentle But the pain is in these tears These eyes have not seen much But they have sliped few tears Gentle winds sways my hair Rain is near , i hear thunder There is a clash in the storm But there is a war […]

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