Small things

Where are you going , What would you do, In this big world , I have big things​ to prove, I ain’t got time for the, Small things , It makes me feel tiny, When I can become a king, In the pursuit of bigger life , I stumbled upon , some small smiles, The […]

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Sometimes you get hurt,  Sometimes it pentrates deep, But don’t worry that’s why it’s , Called sometimes, We all talk about courage ,  Act of kindness , being humble, Doing the right thing , the good thing, It’s like fairytales , sounds so good , Well I can say, i witnessed one, Sometimes you can […]

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The world gave me love Lots and lots of love  I was full of love  But then my world went away  Yet again I stumbled upon the ink and pen  Pain is temporary , yet seems undying Poetry , it gave me the strength  To respect the love I had.

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They leave

When I met them at my best When they saw , without my troubles Everything about me made them happy Life is never constant  We all know that But I certainly feel , it at this moment My circumstances are difficult I am a boat , trapped in a whirlpool Well the whirlpool is not […]

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